Locofama was founded to support a resurgence in local farming, manufacturing and consumption
We put the power of branding and marketing into the hands of everyone, not just the multinational or multimillion-budget few.

Locofama acts as an accelerator for local brands
We define vision & strategic approach to market, create e-commerce platforms
and provide creative services – hand in hand we shape and spread their stories to the world.

Locofama also operates its own organic specialty store, cafe & restaurant. We deliver local, sustainable goods and produce to everyone.

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More and more people are becoming aware of where their food source is coming from, how it’s made,

and the non-sustainable implications it has on our environment.

The hormones and antibiotics pumped into the meat from animal and fish farms.

The preservatives, genetically modified organisms and toxic chemicals that come

with processed foods in supermarkets and fast food restaurants.

These issues with the current food system will eventually climb its way up the food chain

and have negative impacts on our bodies and the associated by product toxins also harm our delicate environment.





At LOCOFAMA, our mission is to share with the rest of Hong Kong what we already know to be true:

that organic food can be healthy, affordable and delicious.

Our food is made daily in-house from natural ingredients, and our juices are made

right before your eyes at our LOCOFAMA | FRESH ORGANIC BITES CAFE.

We strive to support local farmers by sourcing fresh local produce and sustainable organic foods

whenever possible so no preservatives, additives, or

genetically modified vegetables, animals or it’s by-products are used.





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 TEL 2547 7668